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Visa support


  1. Get general information about Russian visa

A Russian visa is an official permit to enter, pass through, stay in, or live in Russia for a certain period of time. An ordinary visa is in the form of an endorsement placed in your passport by a Russian embassy or consulate. There is a list of countries that can travel to Russia without visas:

  • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (CIS countries).
  • Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia (With official invitation, tourist voucher and passport stamp).
  • Abkhazia, Argentina , Brasilia, Botswana, Chile, Costa-Rika, Cuba, Israel, Guatemala, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Philippines,  Turkey, Thailand, Venezuela. (For the stay of maximum 90 days).

http://www.kdmid.ru ( as at 18.03.2015)

  1. Choose the type of Russian visa you need:

Tourist – This visa type is issued to tourists who have booked accommodation in Russia for different reasons. A tourist visa is the best when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying without diverting from your planned itinerary. For a tourist visa you must have confirmed accommodations for every night of your stay in Russia.

Business – This type of visa is issued for travelers who visit Russia on official or private business. Business visas are the best for visitors who do not know their exact itineraries, want to stay in Russia longer than 30 days but not more than 365 days or need to enter Russia frequently

  1. Obtain an invitation to Russia

For tourist visa you need to obtain - Tourist visa support.  You can order it by Russian tour company which is properly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and possesses a valid ‘tour reference’ number.

For business visa you need to obtain Original of business invitation, issued by the local department of the Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In case of booking hotel at official tour operator “Krugozor Expo Travel” company tourist visa support is free of charge. The cost of a business invitation is specified depending on the urgency and frequency of visas. 

  1. Contact your local Russian Embassy/Consulate to find out their official requirements for obtaining a visa, as they differ from area to area.

Each Russian consulate has its own requirements for visa requirements. Before applying for a Russian visa, you should clarify in the nearby Russian Consulate the following information:

  • Required documents for visa.
  • Terms of the visa
  • Visa fee amount
  • Payment method the visa fee.
  • Type of document required (Fax, copy or original).
  • Whether personal presence for submission of documents is obligatory or it is possible to hand over and receive documents, using the courier or mail.
  • Working hours of the Consulate. 
  1. Appoint a date for the interview in Consulate of, submit documents on the apply for a visa. 
  1. Collect the passport with Russian visa from the embassy and check all data.   
  1. Register upon arrival to Russia ( get migration registration)

When you stay in a hotel or hostel, you visa will either be registered at no additional charge or for a small administrative fee (about EUR 5) when you check in.

On arrival in Russia you will be given a migration card, which you should fill in carefully (including your full name, passport data, terms and purpose of visit, duration of stay, and the company which issued your invitation). The passport control officer will stamp it to indicate the date and place of your arrival.

Keep your migration card safe, as it has to be handed back at passport control on departure. If your migration card has been lost or stolen (or simply not stamped), you will be prevented from leaving the country until you pay a fine and all the necessary paperwork has been completed.