12-15 September 2016
Russia  I  Saint Petersburg
15th World Conference
of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

Technical tour 4 Western High-Speed Diameter

Western High-Speed Diameter - Central Part. Kamennostrovsky Theatre. Kameny (Stone) Island

Description: during this tour you will see the objects of the most difficult but arguably the most interesting part of the Western high-speed road – the central part. It was literally built on the ground, under the ground, above the ground, on water and under the water.

The tour will take you to flyovers, to a cable stayed bridge over Korabelny shipping lane, later to the tunnel under the river Smolenka and to the bridge over the Petrovsky shipping lane. It is worth mentioning that the participants of this tour will be among the first who will take this recently completed route. Later the tour will continue at the western part of Krestovsky island, where one may enjoy the best view over the Zenit-Arena next to the Novokrestovskaya underground station presently under construction on the reclaimed area.

The tour will end on Stone Island near the federal architectural monument Kamenoostrovky Theatre (small house of Big Drama theatre) where the guests will learn about the unique construction and restoration works carried out at this historical site.
Maximum number of participants - 20

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours.

Characteristics of the facility:

Central part of the western high speed diamtre

Construction started: 2013

The facility is scheduled for completion: 2016

The central part of the diameter follows the following route:

  • passes through industrial estate of St. Petersburg Sea port,
  • crosses the Morskoy (Sea) channel,
  • goes along Kanonersky island,
  • reaches the River Neva delta and goes round the island Bely (White),
  • crosses Korabelny sea lane,
  • goes along the western edge of Vasilievsky island and through the tunnel under the River Smolenka,
  • crosses Petrovsky sea lane,
  • follows along the very edge of Krestovsky island,
  • crosses the Middle and the Big Nevkas rivers,
  • upon reaching the shore enters the junction with Primorsky prospect.

Kanonersky island. Construction of temporary technological platforms

Construction of the bridge over the Petrovsky shipping lane. Construction of large diameter bored piles

Kamennostrovsky theatre

Works commenced in 2007

Completed in 2010

The underground works that were carried out simultaneously with restoration were unique. For the first time in St. Petersburg the top-down technology was used. The total square of the underground space was 2000 m2, the depth of the excavation under the existing historical structures transferred to the piles – 7 m. Upon the works completion the main aim was achieved – the preservation of the outer wooden structures of the theatre, which is an outstanding architectural example of a chamber theatre in the classical style.
Construction of underground structures under Kamennostrovsky Theatre.

Underground works at Kamennostrovsky Theatre

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