12-15 September 2016
Russia  I  Saint Petersburg
15th World Conference
of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

“Sportivnaya” metro station

Metro station “Sportivnaya” is operating facility of Saint Petersburg metro system.

Description: the tour starts from the halls on the Basil island, then after descending by escalator tunnel the visitors arrive the passage tunnel under the channel of the Malaya Neva river (part of the Neva river), which they pass with the help of the only Saint Petersburg metro travalators. Then the visitors get to know the two-story station complex on the other side of the river. This technical tour could be interesting for representatives of different construction companies and specialists in metro maintenance.

Maximum number of participants – 30 per

Duration: 1 h

Characteristics of the facility:

Description: “Sportivnaya” is a unique one-vault two-story deep metro station engineered for operating 4 trains on 2 lines simultaneous.  Two floors of the station on the top of the other joined by two groups of 3 escalators.

Such a structure was the first in the world to be implemented in Saint Petersburg, and it was designed by local specialists. Two-story solution was a result of decision to join two stations in one, the future interchange hub for Line 3 and the future Circle Line. The station began operating in 1997.
The metro station “Sportivnaya” has two exits on opposite sides of the river. Both halls are situated above the ground and connected to the surface by stairs.  The hall on the Basil island was constructed in 2015, when the second exit began operating.

“Sportivanaya” metro station second exit construction site

Inclined tunnel

“Sportivnaya” station platforms

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