12-15 September 2016
Russia  I  Saint Petersburg
15th World Conference
of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

Technical tour: The metro station “Novokrestovskaya”

Description: the visitors will witness the construction of the complex with top-down method, with learn technics of fixing the construction pit and materials and equipment the specialists use for this construction.  
The construction site faces the picturesque Gulf of Finland  on one side and the construction sites of  sport and infrastructure facilities for World Cup 2018 on the other (stadium, highway, Yakhtennay bridge, the metro station “Novokrestovskaya”).

Maximum number of participants – 20 per.

Duration: 1 – 1.5 h

The visitors will be equipped with required attire (jacket and hard hat) during the tour.
Please wear comfortable clothes while attending technical tour, especially comfortable shoes, preferably rubber soles. Please note the site may be dusty.

Characteristics of the facility:

Construction started: 2015
The facility is scheduled for completion:

the metro station “Novokrestovaksya” is a part of the extension of the Line 3, from “Primorskay’ to “Begovaya”. The station is situated on the Gulf of Finland shore on the spit in the Western part of Krestovsky island in the close proximity to the future stadium that will welcome the World Cup 2018. The facility is scheduled for completion before the World Cup starts in 2018.
“Novokrestovskaya” will be one of the largest stations in Saint Petersburg. There will be four underground levels, where ticket offices, staff facilities, recreational zones for passengers and railway platforms will be arranged. The automatic doors will be installed separating platforms and rails for extra safety.

Entry pit construction

“Novokrestovskaya” station construction site

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