12-15 September 2016
Russia  I  Saint Petersburg
15th World Conference
of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

Technical tours

Saint Petersburg is the city with complicated  geological conditions, characterized by extremely difficult and not homogenious soil layers, tending to change their strength properties when the territory being developed. That is why Saint Petersburg specialists use state-of-art methods and integrated approach (about Saint Petersburg)

АCUUS 2016 participants will be able to visit the following underground construction sites:

Technical tour:  Section of the “Frunzensky radius” – extension of the Line 5. Prospect Slavy.

Description: the visitors will see the working process on construction of the station tunnels and inclined tunnel facilities, escalators installation.  Also the dismantling pit will be available still for visiting, the TBM was used for tunneling of the first Russian double-track tunnel (cut-through recorded on 11th of June, 2015). The tunnel itself will be available for visiting as well in groups of 8 persons.

Technical tour: The metro station “Novokrestovskaya”

Description: the visitors will witness the construction of the complex with top-down method, and learn technics of fixing the construction pit, get to know materials and equipment the specialists use for this construction.
The construction site faces the picturesque Gulf of Finland on one side and the construction sites of sport and infrastructure facilities for World Cup 2018 on the other (stadium, highway, Yakhtennay bridge, metro station “Novokrestovskaya”).


Technical tour: metro station “Sportivnaya”

Description: the tour starts from the halls on the Basil island, then after descending by escalator tunnel the visitors arrive the passage tunnel under the channel of the Malaya Neva river (part of the Neva river), which they pass with the help of the only Saint Petersburg metro travalators.

Then the visitors get to know the two-story station complex on the other side of the river. This technical tour could be interesting  for representatives of different construction companies and specialists in metro maintenance.


Technical tour: Western High-Speed Diameter - Central Part. Kamennostrovsky Theatre. Kameny (Stone) Island

Western High-Speed Diametr

Description: during this tour you will see the objects of the most difficult but arguably the most interesting part of the Western high-speed road – the central part. It was literally built on the ground, under the ground, above the ground, on water and under the water.

The tour will take you to flyovers, to a cable stayed bridge over Korabelny shipping lane, later to the tunnel under the river Smolenka and to the bridge over the Petrovsky shipping lane. It is worth mentioning that the participants of this tour will be among the first who will take this recently completed route. Later the tour will continue at the western part of Krestovsky island, where one may enjoy the best view over the Zenit-Arena next to the Novokrestovskaya underground station presently under construction on the reclaimed area.

The tour will end on Stone Island near the federal architectural monument Kamenoostrovky Theatre (small house of Big Drama theatre) where the guests will learn about the unique construction and restoration works carried out at this historical site.