12-15 September 2016
Russia  I  Saint Petersburg
15th World Conference
of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development


Aug. 18, 2016

Promat - Sponsor of Confrerence Proceedings of ACUUS 2016!

Promat is a world leader company in the field of fire protection. Promat systems and constructions are based on hi tech materials and technologies which provides the highest quality of our fire protection. We offer complex solutions to obtain fire safety.

We implemented more than 100 fire protection projects at civil and industrial buildings including 6 NPP and 5 Oil&Gas complex only in Russia. Promat solutions successfully implemented in underground constructions:

  • Sent Petersburg tunnel (Kronshtadt)
  • Serebrynyi Bor and Taganskiy tunnel in Moscow
  • AutoRoute tunnels in Sochi in frame of  Olympic games programme.

While projecting and constructing these objects our innovating complex systems of constructive fire protection recognized and approved in the world were utilized.

Promat permanently involved into the process of development of new directions in the field of passive fire protection being oriented at market demands. All our products are by all means tested and certified.

Complex, efficiency and reliability of our solutions is our priority.