12-15 September 2016
Russia  I  Saint Petersburg
15th World Conference
of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

About conference

 The 15th World Conference of ACUUS is:

11th ACUUS Conference
Athens, 2007
              12th ACUUS Conference
Shenzhen, 2009
13th ACUUS Conference
Singapore 2012
              14th ACUUS Conference
Seoul 2014

The ACUUS conference 2016 is organised on behalf of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space, one of the leading organisations involved into underground space development of the modern metropolises. 

The ACUUS conference series has been held previously in Sydney (Australia, 1983), Minneapolis (USA, 1986), Shanghai (China, 1988), Tokyo (Japan, 1991), Delft (The Netherlands, 1992) , Paris (France, 1995), Montreal (Canada, 1997), Xi’an (China, 1999), Turin (Italy, 2002), Moscow (Russia, 2005), Athens (Greece, 2007), Shenzhen (China, 2009), Singapore (2012), Seoul (2014).

The Conference in Singapore, ACUUS 2012, welcomed more than 370 participants from 35 countries and numerous guests. More than 350 papers from 30 countries were received. The Scientific Committee, including world leading specialists, selected 159 papers from 26 countries for presentation. These papers made together 26 parallel sessions on planning, architecture, safety, sustainable development. The programme of the conference included training seminars on planning and safety. There were 5 technical tours.

ACUUS 2012 Singapore was organized by the Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology Singapore, and supported by the Ministry of National Development Singapore and the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau.

ACUUS 2014 Seoul was supported by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation of Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Tourism Office. The Russian delegation took part in the conference and presented the next ACUUS destination – St. Petersburg.

This represents the growing importance and use of underground space in world wide economic development and the increasing interest and investment in research and development effort in this area.

We truly believe that the World Conference ACUUS 2016 in St. Petersburg will be a highly rewarding international event for everyone and will bring enhancement of the academic level and industrial development, which will contribute to improving quality of life in urban areas.